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“I am a professionally trained artist and graduate from Ballarat University. I have been painting professionally for over 25 years and teaching in my Melbourne-based studio for over 18 years.
I have found that freedom of artistic expression carries with it tremendous responsibilities. Quite often it also exposes highly personal and deep touch-points of emotions. I feel it, even though I am highly analytical and critical of my work. If I have done my work proud, my students feel it, my audience and social media feel it. Exhibition visitors feel it and lastly viewers of my episodes broadcast of Australian television’s “Colour in Your Life”, now broadcast internationally, they feel it as well. It is that knowledge that leaves me honoured and very, very humbled and drives me to inspire others.
Often painting using a limited palette, some sense a distinctive Art Deco quality to the work, though personally I have an affinity for the use of bright crimson on a sash or in the detailing of lacy fabrics. Please enjoy your visit through my collection!”

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